•  Please do not forget that we DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY SHIP PICTURES.  
    Because we offer you the opportunity to pick the image YOU want...you need
    to actively go to the event page and order your photo.  Also, please remember
    that we DO NOT SHIP an order until it is paid for in full.
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  •  We often work in partnership with Kurtis Photography.  If you are looking
    for WIN PHOTOS taken at a recent event and you cannot find them on our
    website, please check Brian Kurtis' site for your photos.  
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  •  We have over a decade of experience shooting dog shows and performance
    events.  We are FULL TIME photographers, not hobbyist's and we are
    dedicated to providing the highest level of photographic excellence to our
    exhibitors and clubs.

  •  Not only are we extremely flexible and fun to work with, we are experienced
    in ALL forms of canine performance sports, making us the perfect choice for
    your next National Specialty, All-Breed Show, or Performance event!  There is
    no need to hire multiple photographers when you hire Turley Photography, we
    can cover it all!

  •  If you are looking for a great photographer for your next event, do not
    hesitate to contact Tina for our availability and a copy of our contract.
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  •  We attend close to 100 events a year.  Our time is spread rather evenly
    between All-Breed shows, National Specialties, & Performance events (ie:
    Hunt Trials, Lure Coursing, Herding, etc).  We willingly travel well outside of
    our home area to attend events.
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