*When will my order be delivered?

Most orders are filled within 2 weeks, but during the very busy summer months,
orders could take UP TO 3.5 weeks to fill.  This does NOT include shipping time.  
If you ordered 'products' (ie: mousepads, mugs, keychains, etc) these items will be
shipped SEPARATE from your photos, and can easily take 6-8 weeks for delivery.  
We have NO CONTROL over the speed of delivery on products.  We are at the
mercy of multiple labs for the processing of these items.  So please do not ask us
for a rush on these items.

*I only ordered a Digital Image, why would it take 2 weeks to receive?

We fill all normal-speed orders in the ORDER THEY ARE RECEIVED, digital or
hard copy, that makes no difference to the order in which they are processed.  If
there are 20 hard-copy orders ahead of your digital order, then so be it.

*I need my photos sooner than 3 weeks for an Ad Deadline!

If you need your photos SOONER than 3 weeks, you MUST ORDER a RUSH.  
There are different levels of Rush.  Each different speed of rush is outlined in the
SHIPPING drop-down menu of the checkout cart.  The faster the rush, the higher
the charge.  DO NOT expect us to fill your orders faster than 2-3 weeks if you did
not pay for a rush.  
You knew you had an ad deadline when you placed your
order, do not blame us if you did not want to pay the rush charge.

*Why do I need to pay a fee for a rush order?

You are requesting that we make your order more important than someone else's.  
You need to pay a fee for that privilege.  Think of the fee like that pass at Disney
that lets you jump to the front of the line.  Paying for a rush allows your order to
'jump to the front of the line.'  During the summer months, we easily receive
150-200 orders PER WEEK.  Paying for a rush ensures that your order will be
processed first.

*What is the fastest way to receive my photo in time for a deadline?

24-36 hours is the fastest we can turn-around an image.  To get this fast
turnaround, you must order the FULL-RESOLUTION DIGITAL IMAGE and you
must choose the '24 hour shipping rush' option from the shipping drop-down menu
during check out.  The total cost for this is $45 per image for the digital file and $75
for the 24 hour rush.  Once you place your order, the file will be EMAILED to you
at the address provided within 24 hours of us receiving the order.

*How often do you pull orders off of the website?

When we are in the office (usually Mon-Wed) we check for orders multiple times a
day.  During the weekends (Thurs-Sun) we are usually on the road or at an event
and only check the orders once or twice a day.  
SO, if you are ordering a 24 hour
rush during the weekends, PLEASE email us and warn us that you have placed
your order so we can pull it and fill it for you asap.

*Will my credit card be charged immediately?

YES!  So before finalizing your order, please make sure that your order is correct,
that you have not ordered duplicate images, that you have chosen the correct
shipping option, that you have not placed a duplicate order, and most importantly,
that if you are ordering images from multiple events, that you order them all on
ONE ORDER!!!  We can no longer combine your shipping costs on multiple orders.

*Is my Credit Card secure?

YES!!!  Our server has many safeguards in place to protect you and your personal
information.  If you are that worried about your information and don't want to input
it on our site, then please pay with PayPal.

The amount charged on my Credit Card does not match the amount of
my order?

There are a couple of different reasons this might happen...FIRST, look at your
order...1. Did you try to place an order for a WIN PHOTO smaller than 8x10?  
Remember, you are required to purchase an 8x10 or larger of EACH WIN
you can order anything smaller.  So, if this is your first order for the specific win,
and you tried to order a 5x7...then you were still charged $29, the 8x10 price.  2.
Did you order PRODUCTS (mugs, tshirts, etc)?  Check your shipping and make
sure you chose the correct shipping option.  The difference in cost may be because
of shipping.  3.  If none of these apply and you still don't know why the amount is
different...CONTACT US ASAP!!!!!

*Can you send a photo directly to my designer/magazine?

YES!  When you are placing photos into your shopping cart, one of the options is
to 'Email directly to magazine', which is $25.  A few notes about this, you MUST
also purchase a copy of the image for yourself before ordering the magazine

*What are the differences between Full Res & Low Res Images?

A Full Resolution digital image costs $45 per image. It will be emailed to you as a
9mb file (8x10, 300dpi)  This option also gives you a LIMITED copyright release
that basically allows you to advertise with the image and make prints of the image
AS IS for your own personal use.  It does NOT allow you to make alterations to
the photo.  (See below for a longer explanation of copyright.)  You must choose
this option if you want the file for any kind of advertising.

A Low Resolution digital image costs $15 per image and does not give you
permission to use it for anything other than posting on your personal website or
facebook page, or emailing to your friends.  That is it.  You may NOT use it for
advertising or printing.  It will be emailed to you at a very small size that only allows
for it's intended uses.  (4x5, 125dpi)  If you try to make illegal prints from the file
they will be grainy & pixellated.

*I ordered a digital image and received notification from you that my
order was complete, but I still do not have my image?

Digital Images are emailed to the address you provide at check-out.  First make
sure your address was correct.  Second, make sure your email provider allows for
large attachments.  (1 full res 8x10 sized image will be a 10mb file)  Third, CHECK
YOUR SPAM FOLDER!  Since we send images as attachments, many spam filters
will catch and quarantine them.  One way to help control this is to 'add us' to your
list of contacts.

*How can I check my ORDER STATUS?

First of all, every time the status of your order changes, our server automatically
sends you an email alerting you to the change.  (Please don't contact us asking
why you are receiving that email...it is automatic.)  OR Click on the link that takes
you to the event ordering page.  BEFORE you click on any event you will see a link
for 'Order Status' at the top of the page.  Click this link, and you will need to input
your email address and your order number.  Your order status will be categorized
in the following ways:

"New Order" - Your order has not yet been pulled from the website OR Your
payment has not yet been received.  This includes if your credit card was declined
or if you chose to pay with a check.  So if you paid with a check, this status will not
change until your check has been received AND cleared.

"Problem" - There is a problem with your order - in most cases this means your
credit card was declined and we need for you to contact us with a different card.

"Authorized" - Your order has been pulled and your payment has been accepted.  
If you paid with a credit card, this means your card has been run & payment was

"At the Lab/Processing" - Your order is in the process of being filled.  You will have
this status even if you ordered digital only.  The status is technically 'At the Lab OR
Being Processed'.

"Shipped to Customer" - This means your prints have been packaged and WILL
BE shipped within the next 24-36 hours.  If you also ordered products, they will be
packaged and shipped SEPARATELY from your prints.

"Complete" - Your order will be designated as Complete when we feel our
commitment is done.  If you ordered digital images, we will designate your order
complete as soon as we have emailed you the image.  If you ordered hard copies,
we will designate 'complete' a week or so after we have mailed your photos.  So, if
you get a status update saying your order is complete, and you have not received
your photos, contact us if your order was for hard-copies...check your SPAM
folder if your order was for digital images.

*Will my finished image look like it does on the website?

Yes and No.  First, the images online are quick and dirty proofs.  All images are
individually processed and optimized before they go to the lab.  The brightness,
color, etc is all corrected in your final prints.  

If you are ordering AWARD/WIN PHOTOS, they will be cropped exactly the same
way they appear online.

All CANDID photos are posted online UN-CROPPED, straight from the camera.  
SUBJECT unless you tell us otherwise in the COMMENT SECTION at Checkout.

*I had a WIN/AWARD photo taken at a recent show, how do I get my

We do NOT automatically mail photos.  You must go online and place your order.  
And nothing is shipped until your order has been paid in full.

*Is there a Minimum Order?

YES, IF you had Award photos taken.  (When you stepped up to our sign and
asked us to take your photo, you entered into a verbal contract and agree to buy
the photo.  The minimum purchase for award photos is either 1-8x10 OR the Full
Resolution digital.)  If you try to order anything smaller without first purchasing at
least an 8x10 of EACH WIN, you will still be charged the 8x10 price of $29.

There is NO MINIMUM for ringside/candid photos.

*Why are your prices different for the same size photos?

We offer a DISCOUNT for ringside/candid photos.  Basically, in most cases you
did not ask us to take your ringside photo, in most instances you did not even know
we were shooting them...therefore we give you a discount on those images.  The
award/win photos are our regular price.

*What forms of Payment do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & PAYPAL.  Also, if you choose to pay by 'PayPal
Check' (we no longer accept personal checks) your order will not be processed
until the check has cleared.  
So do NOT use a check for payment if you order a

*I had a ton of performance photos taken and don't want to purchase
them individually.  Can I order a CD-Rom of all of my images at a
discounted rate?

NO!  We do not offer this option.  We DO NOT sell 'unfinished' photos like many
agility photographers do,  Every single photo that leaves my computer is color
corrected, and optimized.  So there is no way for me to offer the bare-bones rates
like they do.

*Are you available to come shoot my event?

EMAIL TINA!!!!  Just because we might already have something on the schedule
on your dates, doesn't necessarily mean we can't cover you!  We do own TWO
COMPLETE sets of equipment, including lighting & backdrops.  So Mark & Tina
are able to split up and cover separate events.  So please, just ask.  We will do
our best to help you out, and if we can't cover you, we will help you find someone
that can!

*Do you only take pictures of Dogs?

NO!  Tina has extensive experience shooting Professional & Collegiate Level
sports, Equestrian, Landscape, Portrait, Corporate, and even a few weddings!  
She has even shot jewelry store inventory for a jewelers' website.  We are able to
accommodate any photo needs you or your club may have.

*Will you print on-site?

NO!  We refuse to compromise our reputation or image quality by selling you an
ink-jet photo that came off of a printer no better than the one your kid uses to print
their homework.  Our prices are set accordingly, for images that are color
corrected, optimized, and printed on real photo paper, with real archival photo inks,
just like an actual film photograph.  You will NEVER receive an ink-jet print from us.

*I don't have a computer or I don't know how to use your site?

If you do not have a computer (how are you reading this!?)  I am sure there is
someone in your family or a close friend that DOES have one and can help you.  All
public libraries also have Internet access.  If you are not comfortable placing an
order on a public machine, at the very least, use a public machine to determine
what photos, including the FILENAME & NUMBER, you want to order before
contacting us.  If you truly do not have internet access and you are asking
someone else to look this up for you, please send us a SNAIL MAIL request for
your photos.  Please include your FULL mailing address, phone number, the
SHOW, the BREED, and the WIN.  If we have all of this information we will be able
to send you paper proofs in the mail.  We do NOT send Paper Proofs of CANDID
PHOTOS.  You MUST order those online...we only send Paper Proofs of
AWARD/WIN photos.

*I received a card in the mail that says you took my photo, but I can't
find it or I didn't win anything at that event?

First, just because you did not win anything doesn't mean your photo wasn't taken.  
We often take ringside candids without your ever even knowing it.  Second, If you
DID have an award/win photo taken and it seems to be missing, please contact us
immediately!!  Occasionally, photos don't make it from computer to web, and we
will not know unless you tell us....and your photos may not be the only ones
missing.  We want to make sure your photo is accounted for before we clean off
our original memory cards from the event!  Third, make sure you are looking at the
correct event.  Especially if it was a specialty event...we often have multiple
'events' for specialties to make finding your photos easier.  Fourth, make sure you
are looking at ALL of the pages in the category.  There can be many, many pages
of photos in any given group or category.

*You were the Official Photographer at an event, when will the
Award/Win Photos be posted Online?

We make every effort to have all award/win photos posted online within 24-36
hours of the end of the event.

*I know you took ringside candid photos, when will those be posted

These photos can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to get posted.  The time
frame depends upon how busy we are, and how many photos were taken.  At any
given all-breed show, we can take approximately 2,000 photos EACH DAY.  At a
National Specialty we easily take 40,000 photos!  These take time to sort through
and rename to post online.

*How long will the event be online for me to place my order?

All events are posted online for 90 DAYS.  No exceptions.  Not only do we send
you a postcard within a week or two of the event, we also send a reminder card a
few weeks before the event expires AND our server sends you an email reminder
shortly before the event expires.  So PLEASE place your orders in a timely
manner.  If you don't think you are going to be able to place your order within the
90 days...please at least place all of the images you think you may want into a
FAVORITES folder, then PRINT OUT your favorites folder.  This will give you a
record of the image & the filename that you can reference when you do want to
place your order.  We do keep our image files forever, but that does not mean I
can instantly find your Fluffy amongst the thousands of images taken at any given
event.  And please do not contact us and ask "can you email me all of the proofs of
my Fluffy from Detroit?"  If these were ringside candids, the answer is "No,  We
cannot".  Like I said, there could easily be 45 pictures of Fluffy alone...no, I am not
going to email you all of those proofs.  It is your responsibility to check the website
within the 90 days and record your favorites.  If you are looking for award/win
photos after the event has expired, we will need to know the EVENT, DATE,
BREED, & WIN to be able to find your photos.  In this instance we WILL send you
paper proofs via US Mail.

*Can I use my photo for Advertising?  What are your Copyright

We DO NOT allow ANY of our images to ALTERED without our written
permission.  We do allow simple cropping or background removal/blurring by
designers for ad copy.  But we DO NOT allow any alterations to be made to the
subject of the photo,
ever.  Think of it this way, Tina is an expert at photoshop, &
we provide photoshop services for a fee...what if you purchase a photo and make
the alterations yourself and do a very poor job of it?  Tina's name is still the one on
the photo.  How do people know that
you made those poor edits and not Tina!?  
We refuse to allow our reputation to be damaged in this way.  If you want the
subject altered, you must pay for us to make those edits.

In ALL instances once you purchase a HARD-COPY photo, we give you permission
to use it in advertising, on your website or facebook page, and to email to your
friends.  We do expect proper photo credit to be given in all of these instances.  
We DO NOT give you permission to make additional prints from photos or to scan
it and make products from it.

As for DIGITAL images, there are 2 different sets of rules.  For the FULL
RESOLUTION image, we give you permission to use it in all advertising, make
prints from it for PERSONAL use, post to social media, etc.  We do NOT allow you
to alter it in any way without our permission.  For the LOW RESOLUTION image,
you are NOT PERMITTED to do ANYTHING with this image except to post it on a
website or social media.  You may NOT advertise with it.

THERE ARE MORE FAQ's TO COME, but it is 4am and I want to get a couple
hours sleep before my daughter wakes up.  (Yes, I even design & edit the website

Please check back again for more.
Turley Photography consists of 'Tina', who owns and works full-time for the business,
'Mark', Tina's husband, who still works a 'day job' during the week.  For every
correspondence we have to answer, it uses up valuable time that we could be using
processing your photos and increases the
time it takes for us to deliver your photos to you.  


If the answer to your question was contained below, we will probably
not answer your email or phone call.